Friday, July 29, 2011

Lilly's fantastic adventure

My Fantastic Adventure begun with a super long and boring flight to Brunei. It took nine hours to fly there. Before we left to go to Brunei we had to fly from Christchurch and do a stop in Auckland, I got to see my friends in Auckland.

In the first four hours dad and I played on my Nintendo DS. After awhile I went to sleep on my mum's knee for half an hour. Then when I woke up we had a little walk around the plane. Me and Mum took some photos and my mum took this photo.

For the next part of the flight we watched movies, I got to watch Diary of a Wimpy kid - Roderick rules and Rango. Then we had lunch. Soon it was time to land the plane at Brunei.

When I landed we checked our bags out and after that I got to see my Cousin Emma who was waiting for me. I was so excited and I ran out the door and gave her a big cuddle.

I didn't much like the flight but it was worth it to see my cousin.


  1. Hey Lilly and Room 2 - Mrs Smith here from Brunei. I know it took a lllllooooonnnnnggggg time for Lilly to arrive in Brunei - but we are soooo happy that she is here! We are having a wonderful time together. More photos to follow - so keep watching Room 2! Mrs Smith (Music teacher in Brunei-AKA Aunty Julz).

  2. Hi Lilley,

    I really looking forward in hearing about Brunei. You have missed the snow that settle on the ground. I bet your mum was pleased with the warm weather in Brunei.

    See you soon
    Mr Thurlow

  3. Hi lilly i rely miss you your fantastic adventure must had ben fun it was rely cool your story. by demi.

  4. Hi Lilly, What a great story. Every body in the class really misses you and i cant wait until you come back to Christchurch.

    From Chloe