Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Swimming Dates for term 1

Dear Parents,

First day has run smoothly, we have been focussing on getting to know each other. This is likely to be the theme for week one.

I am aware that Burnham School has just had confirmation from the Army for the school to use the army swimming pool.

For room 2, we will be swimming week 1 and week 3.

We will be swimming this week both Thursday and Friday. 

Week 3 we will be swimming each day. This is the week starting the 15 February until the 19th February.

For the new families at Burnham School the students will get changed at school and we will walk to the pool at 1.30pm.  Swimming will started at 1.45 until 2.30pm. There will be a rotation of three groups.

Each year the students pled with me to have a free swim after his or her lesson.  I am only able to this if a parent or parents volunteer to actively watch a group in the water, while I am taking a lesson. If you are able to help me please contact me by email with dates. I know the students will be grateful if they get an opportunity to have a free swim.

Remember the door is anyways open to chat about your child’s learning.

Kinds Regards

Chris Thurlow
Room 2
Burnham School

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bloody Hands !!!!

Room 2 to made three dimensional  hands , as part of Room 2's writing programme. We are writing instructions that will be posted on our blog at a later date in how to make a three  dimensional  hand.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Jarred's and Emily's Maths

This Maths activity was given to Jarred and Emily to demonstrate their learning. They had to work independently to work out and explain their thinking in how to correctly order  five numbers from  the fhighest to the lowest.

I probably didn't explained the ordering well. However, the movie demonstrates how both students can use an abacus for work out the Place Value.

There is so much more learning than maths in this video like working together, speaking clearly and using ICT .

Awesome work!!
Very proud of you both

Mr Thurlow