Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Enemy from the Cat's point of View

Cameron: My enemy is very clever because it makes holes in the floors. It is really smelly and horrifying. He lives in the mat and wakes up at daytime. He runs fast like a jet plane. He has got big sharp claws and he gets rotten food.

Libby: My enemy is a horrifying little beast that steals my food and milk. It lives in a little hole behind the shower. I try to get him when he is asleep in his hole behind the shower. He has rotten cheese on his furry hair. He has black eyes and a wet little nose.

Samara: My enemy is hairy and he has sharp teeth with dirty grey fur. He makes holes in the walls and that makes me furious! He also steals my cheese.

Ivy: My enemy is a disgusting little creature, it runs around our bench like a gust of wind. His fur is moldy with brown strips. Tonight I'm going to get him! He steals all of our clean cheese. The creature is evil, he leaves footsteps in my bowl. I hate the little nasty beast. I’ll have him for dinner tonight!

Ramona: My enemy is creepy and scary and very stinky. He also steals my delicious food. He lives in this hole that I couldn’t fit in. He is a creature that sneaks around at night and in the morning. He looks terribly ugly and his face is disgusting.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Jarred’s Recount- Pedal mania

 Yesterday after interval room 2 and room 3 went to pedal mania on the field. We saw the bikes on the field some of them were humungous and some were small. There were some bikes with chunky tires and small tires and even some bikes for your knees. There were so many weird bikes that I have never seen in the whole world. I felt excited to try all the different bikes.

Cricket Skills

The other week Room 2 went to the sport field to practice cricket skills with Jack. Firstly, we learnt to hit the ball with a bat. When hitting the ball with the bat you must have the ball under your eyes and turn your hips where you intend to hit the ball. After that, we had a competition where we had to hit the ball through some cones. The other skills we practiced was throwing and catching. Catching the ball with one hand was difficult. We enjoyed the practice but the weather was cold!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Countdown to the Start of 2015

Hi All,

Hope you are enjoying the last weeks of the Christmas holiday break.

On the first day of school"Top Town" is back!!!

For the first day of school, please bring a change of clothing in your "house colours" for "Top Town

If you a new to Burnham school just bring appropriate clothing that you can get wet. A towel may be essential for the day, as well

Burnham School " Top team" 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014

How to Catch Santa

On Christmas Eve I've never seen Santa deliver presents at my house. I have tried staying up late  to catch a  glimpse of Santa, except I always fall asleep.

I 'm planning to design a trap to catch Santa. My trap starts with a large net hanging on the ceiling , so when Santa comes down the fireplace. The net will come down and Santa will get stuck in the net.

My other idea starts like this. There is going to be a trip wire half way to the  Christmas tree and a taza will  be connected to the star on top of the tree. When Santa touches the star he will be electrocuted and fall over.

I can't wait to see Santa on Christmas day.


My Trap to Catch Santa Claus

Santa Claus

I have never seen Santa deliver presents at my house on Christmas Eve.

I am planning a trap to catch Santa this year. My plan is to get a gigantic pool of slimy slippery liquid, a rope and two chairs.

The start of my plan is to tie the rope to the two chairs. Then full the pool with slimy slippery liquid. Basically, Santa will trip over a trip rope and land into the pool of slimy slippery liquid. This will set  off a signal  and lock  all the doors, so Santa can't escape.

I will wake up and take a couple of photographs to prove Santa is real. Then a will sprint back to my bed and pretend to go back to sleep.

I can't wait to prank Santa, this year !