Te Reo Practise

Toia Mai Te Waka Haka

Days of the week

What day is it?

Ko te aha Tenei ra?

Nō hea ia? (Where is he/she from?)

Maori Resource from chris Thurlow on Vimeo.

This movie is both revision and also provides some new commands for your daily routines.

This interactive resource lets you understand the special features of a wharenui

Burnham School Junior Kapa Haka from chris Thurlow on Vimeo.

Junior Kapa haka from chris Thurlow on Vimeo.

Traditional Maori Instruments from myles webb on Vimeo.

Melville Intermediate Room 8's is highly recommended, as a learning tool (probably the best classroom in NZ)

 Here is something different ,This is an interactive activity to help with your Te Reo

Click on the "here" to watch the video- the students learnt how to greet people. One person, two people,
and three or more people

Here is the link to practice last week's learning.

 Saying hello is all very well, but what about when you need to address someone by their name? That's what this podcast is all about.

This week practice is concentrating on greeting by using pronouns eg girls, boys: Click on the podcast

Here is a link to test our understanding of all the Te Reo we have been learning 

This week Te Reo focuses on numbers and different ways to answer the phrase " Kei Te pehea Keo? (how are you)    .... Remember you are able to test your learning by clicking on this link


Here are further ways to answer  "Kei Te pehea koe"

 This lesson is  we're looking at the word 'ia' and how it is used when asking people where they are from. We'll also delve into some Māori place names, so now's the time to get some practice with your pronunciation!