Friday, July 29, 2011

Modern story about the Three Little Pigs-

Hope everyone has had a cool holiday, especially with the snow!!!

Below is a movie about the "Three Little Pigs” but with a difference. This term in writing we are looking at “discussion” or argument.

I want you to watch the movie then express an opinion on the questions below. See if your opinion is the same as mine or different. It is always cool to have an opinion but you must support your reason or reasons.

  • Was the Mad Doctor smart, mad 0r upset?
Mr Thurlow- I thought the Mad Doctor was smart because she created a robot wolf to catch the pigs. The doctor must of thought about how to defeat the brick house because he designed extra powerful lungs to blow down the brick house, so she need not go down the chimney!!

  • Are there any other reasons why the Mad doctor invented the Wolfinator?
Mr Thurlow- In my opinion the Mad Doctor invented the robot to become rich. If the robot worked she could have built and sold many more. The robot could be sold for other uses like blowing air into sails on boat to save on petrol.

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