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Wall of Words

Spelling Challenge Game

My Beautiful hide-out home on Storybird the three littie critters on Storybird The Three good pigs-(Fractured Fairy Tale) on Storybird
You are Trapped - Spelling Alien Buddies And Ice Cream Man on Storybird The Green Monster. on Storybird One Baby Elephant and a Big Leopard on Storybird Mum 's Alien Friend on Storybird Doodle by 2burnham on Storybird
This is game has many reading components- Start by clicking on the boy after the link Once upon a time, there was a man who was bored of eating green goo, so he decided to fly to a planet Mars in a alien spaceship that looked like a mini. on Storybird
Here is a website that you can choose your books and listen to them.
This game below helps with both typing and learning new words- you must type the words that are above the zombies that are attacking you, so you can destroy them(Click on text)
clink on link below to listen to Charlie and Lola
Wild Word West Are you great at vocabulary definitions? Travel back to the old west in this word-wrangling game. Lasso the correct definitions and catch bad guys

This is a web site from Spain for reading comprehension,  you just need to select English Language. Play game above here the link the above stories
Here is the link to Professor Garfield
Click on the link to read "The Blue Sky" Click on link to read a Maori Legend
You have crash in the jungle. Read the questions and answer correctly to survive.....
Pass the adjective detective test, then play the game