Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Amazing El Grego

This dizzly morning all of Burnham school went to the school hall to see the amazing El Grego the magician.

El Grego used his magic tricks to tell us that bulling at school isn't cool. I was not exited as others because I have seen the show before.

The best trick that El Grego preformed was the floating wooden table. There were no wires that I could see helping El Grego move the table.

Another trick that puzzled me was the silver bucket that was continuously filled with water. There was no way he was able to fill the bucket with water.

The trick that I understood was the talking picture. I saw El Grego's fingers move when the picture talked. There must have been a lever on the bottom of the picture.

Even though I wasn't excited at first to see El Grego. The amazing flying table was absolutely awesome and had me in bewilderment.

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