Friday, October 26, 2012

Levi's Life

Yesterday after morning tea Burnham school went to the Amphitheatre to see the special guest. I thought that the special guest was going to be Ronald McDonald.

We were all yelling out Levi's name to get him outside from the staffroom.When he walked outside he had muscles like wheels and tattoos like an oval shape.

Levi told us about being a sumo wrestling and he won all the events as a sumo wrestler that he entered in. He told us he was the strongest man in New Zealand. Levi eats a kilo of a chicken and 30 eggs daily .

Levi told us to believe ourselves and our dreams will come true if you believe in ourselves. Levi gave all of us a hi five.  At the end,Levi had photographs with us on the friendship seat. I looked small beside him.

It was so incredible that Levi the strongest man in New Zealand came to Burnham school.

Room 2 with the Strongest Man in New Zealand

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