Friday, October 26, 2012

Levi Strongest Man

Yesterday the whole school was heading to the lunch area. There was going to be a special guest. I thought it was going to be a zoo keeper.While we were chattering we did not realize that Levi was there too.
He spoke about his childhood.Levi said he could lift 9 ton tractors using his muscles. His muscles were like enormous rocks. His muscles were full of cultural tattoos.
When he talked about his childhood he spoke about winning 8 strongest man competitions. When he spoke about the competitions he said some of the advents were lifting trucks and tractors that he competed in.
After that we all got hi-fives and Levi left. I liked the message he said which was to follow our dreams. That lit my eyes up with delight to hear that. I hope my dreams can come true and be followed just like Levi has followed his.

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