Monday, August 27, 2012

Groovy Disco

After school on Friday the junior school held a bright coloured disco.

When I arrived there were loads of people and kids dancing and having fun. I saw a box full of prizes. As the disco started I went up to a table and asked how much the glow bracelets , popcorn and lolly mixtures were. I got four glow bracelets and a small lolly mixture. Once I got them I went up on stage and started dancing like crazy. Some of my friends joined in too.

Then two seniors came up on stage and said that all of us will play a game called Musical Statues. I got out in the fourth round. I was a bit disappointed. After a while we started dancing again. The two seniors gave out prizes. I was a bit sad because I did not get a prize.

Then we did another game where four kids would come up and start dancing. At the end of the game the seniors gave out more prizes.  I got a prize it was a zebra from Animal Kingdom.

At the end of the disco I felt exhausted.

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