Monday, August 27, 2012


On Friday after school when I got home mum did my hair in a french plait on the side and at the back it had curls.

After  I got dressed I headed off to the junior disco at the school in the hall. It was freezing outside I was shivering for a while.  I was quite tired because was past my bedtime.

When I got to the hall I saw colourful ribbons and balloons hanging from the roof. After a while all the juniors were dancing and eating. The music was booming out loud that it hurt my ears. There were lots lolly mixes and a sausage sizzles.

Mostly everyone was wearing glowsticks and I had a glowstick in my hair. I drank lots of water that I had to go to the toilet a lot. All the juniors were playing games. When the disco was over I felt exhausted because I danced a lot.

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