Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Own Successful Writing Criteria For Recount Writing

Today for Writing we created our own Writing Criteria for our Recount Writing. This will be alter as when we feel it is require.

 Burnham Room’s Two - Own Successful Writing Criteria For Recount Writing


Introduction- Who? When? Where? What? sometimes Why?

Sequencing-  Events in chronological Order ( Time Connectives Words)

Some words that might help us sequence our recounts -Next , After a While, Then , After  that, Later On

A feeling at the End.

Requirements-    That Should be in Our Recounts

  • Title - Should start with a capital letter.

  • Are capitals letters and full stops  correct ( Remember: Does there need to be a capital letter in the middle of the sentence?)-

  • Underline misspelt word ( After that look at a dictionary to correct the misspelt words)
  • Have we use adjectives and adverbs - To make our writing more interesting.
  • Does it make sense!!!!( Read your work)

  • Share your writing with some else( Checking that your partner has completed all the requirements) before seeing the teacher.

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