Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Writing- What is going on in Room 2

Room 2 have used youtube clips to motivate our writing. Below is a snippet of a video we watch, where someone is filming a kea at a zoo. The students' goal was to write a recount as if he/she was the kea writing a story about the events that occur in the movie. Another improvisation was that actually Room 2 was visiting the zoo and filming.

The other day some students came to my home from Burnham School. I am going to tell about what happen and how cheeky I am.

Someone came to stick his finger in my cage. I bit his finger and blood flowed everywhere. The boy was sucking his finger and a goofy teacher came running over. The teacher put a plaster on the boy’s finger.

After everyone walked off I had a well deserved dirt bath.

Jacob H

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