Friday, February 24, 2012

Chip Sandwiches Making

Room 2 we lucky enough to have parents that helped supervise in cutting the potatoes into chips. While other students butter the bread. One of parent suggested that we cook our chips at Burnham Fish and Chip Shop. Aston, Marshall, Te Ao and Sydney took the chips to Burnham Fish and Chip Shop to get cook and brought the chips back wrapped in newspaper.

We believed the chips were the best we had ever had. Room 2 would like to thank the parents and Burnham Fish and chip shop.


  1. Ashtons mum took us to the fish and chip shop to make hot chips. We used the school potatoes from the vege garden. We had to dry the potatoes with a tea towel first then put them in the basket then Lynda put the potatoes in the hot oil to cook. I heard a bubbling sound. After the chips were cooked Lynda put salt on the chips and we had a taste it was delicious. Lynda wrapped the chips with paper then we took them to the school for morning tea.

  2. We had a great time with my class doing chips from the potato's we got out of the school garden. Was fun to go down to the Burnham fishshop where we got to cook the chips, She showed us how they cook, What they cook in & most importantly how hot the dripping is before the chips can be dunk in for cooking. We must be very careful when cutting & cooking the chips. Thank you Mrs Petersen for letting us come to your shop & learn how to cook the potatos & turn them into hot chips. And Thankyou to my mum & all the other mums for helping out too.

  3. We went to the Fish and Chip shop and we made some yummy chips, Sydney and Ashtons Mum helped us, Linda from the shop helped us too.
    Us kids cut some potatos and buttered some bread.
    When the chips were cooked we took them back to school and ate them!
    Thank you to the parents who helped us.

  4. I was lucky enough to try some of the chips at morning tea. They were really yummy! Well done Room 2. Great job.
    Mrs Thomas

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