Thursday, November 24, 2011

Year 4, Camp at Woodend Beach( Day 1)

On Wednesday the year four and room five went on an exciting trip to Woodend Beach to stay over night. When we were all at the beach we went down to the beach and played a game called "bull rush ". Then we all had a challenge that was to build an tall shelter home out of drift wood. After that it was lunch we only had a little amount of time.

After lunch we started to head to Woodend Beach Camping grounds. The boys and girls had separate cabins on each side of the main living area. Most of time we had free time but my most favourite activity for the first day was using the air rifles and archery.

After 9.30pm we played spotlight. It was awesome game. The coolest part was finding the adults and teachers at the end.

My most favourite activity on the second day was climbing the wall. I past the first course twice. I tried doing the second and third course but they were just a little bit hard. However, I really enjoyed going on camp. I want to go to Woodend beach again next year.

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