Thursday, November 24, 2011

Santa's problem

Once upon a time there lived a jolly old man his name was Santa. He loved delivering presents to the world. One day Rudolph's nose stopped glowing it was a disaster!!! Now Santa could not see. Santa wonder how to mend Rudolph's nose. Then he just remembered that he had red dye and the dye glowed. Santa put the dye on Rudolph's nose and they were ready to go and deliver present.


  1. Hi guys! I was reading Santa's Problem and it made me really think can a guy like Santa have big problems, like Rudolph's nose going out? After I read the story you guys proved to me that a jolly guy like Santa can have problems! :) Thanks for making me think hard on the Christmas season!
    -Katie United States of America

  2. Hello there! I saw this problem and I was like oh my gosh! I cant believe that Rudolph's nose stopped working! That IS a disaster! I hope that you make more of this I really like them!
    Hope you make more! BYE!
    Mya, Minnesota USA

  3. hi demi i was looking for our earth hour movie
    but then i stoped and saw your wonderful story.

    THE story had woderful details and expression in
    it keep it up demi
    For frances