Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lilly & Emma meet the scariest crocodiles

We went to Miri in Sarawak Malaysia. We stayed at a nice hotel with a big swimming pool. Emma and I went to the Miri Crocodile Park. When Emma and I were about to go onto the steps of the viewing platform, the crocodiles were looking at us scarily. Then they hissed at us, and we were all scared, even the grown ups. We saw a man feeding dead chickens to the crocodiles. The chickens were tied up to string then one crocodile got off its belly and snapped at the chicken with its big teeth and ate it all in one bite. It felt scary because there were lots of crocodiles next to us and it was really fun and scary at the same time.


  1. Yaaaah!!!! What an experience you are having!!!!! I’m starting to get very jealous!!!!

    Mr Thurlow

  2. wow Lilly it must be so hot up there in malaysia . you are so lucky to see real live Crocodile's I can't wait till you come back. bella room 5 burnham school

  3. Hi lilly it's your best friend I really like your about the mir croocdile park.

    by brodie room2burnhamschool

  4. Hi lilly its your bff chloe i bet your haveing so much fun with emma iam so gealos of you.


  5. I really miss you Lilly I cant wait until you come back Harvey room2 burnham school