Thursday, August 4, 2011

History of the Rugby Ball.

The Kea reading group with given an article about the history of the rugby ball. They had to identify the main ideas and present these ideas back in a movie. The idea in the way they presented the content and the content in the movie is the students, my part was to only film the final cut and help with the editing of the movie. I think they have done a brilliant job!!!!

History of the Humble Rugby Ball from chris Thurlow on Vimeo.

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  1. 您好, Nín hǎo Chloe all the way from China.

    This is a very informative video about the origins of the rugby ball. I did not know that rugby balls were made from pigs bladders. We are very lucky now that they are made from modern materials.

    Here in China people do not play rugby. The most popular sports are basketball, soccer, badminton and table tennis.

    Keep having fun and work hard at school
    再见, Zàijiàn Chloe

    Uncle Mark