Monday, April 4, 2011

Lillys day with Mum and Dad

On Saturday morning mum dad and I played wrestling .It was mum and I getting dad mum and I won. After a while dad and I played 101 kids brainy games.We played Miner Max. I am stuck on level 8 ,20, 10 and 9 . I always get stuck on level 6 with my cousin Emma.Later on, we played Fish. One time I got 12 sets and one time I won 5 times .Then we went on the Room Two's blog we saw the Earth hour movie.At the end of the day it was dinner I had a really FUN time with mum and dad.


  1. hi lilly

    cool story hope you had a cool time

    from chloe 4 april

  2. hi lilly great story. I wish that I could write
    like that.