Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inquiry- Groups Roles and Responsibilities in an Earthquake

This slideshow demonstrates what we learnt about some of the groups that help in the Christchurch Earthquake. We investigated each group's role and responsibilities in helping Christchurch after the Earthquake. Room 2 would like to thank all the men and women in each group in how they worked as a team to help others in the Christchurch Earthquake.


  1. hi we have played your spiderman spelling game we like it.

  2. Yes the spiderman game is certainly a hit with the MHP Munchkins! How topical your inquiry was for you all. We have one boy who has come from Christchurch and now goes to our school. We had a red and black mufti day to raise some money to help you. We hope your school wasn't too damaged in the quake.

  3. Hi Joshua and Chloe
    Thanks for your encouragement on catching up with the challenges.

    Brilliant Bloggers

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