Thursday, April 14, 2011

Year 3/4 Sports Spectacular Gala Day

Yesterday year three and four went to Lincoln university for a sports garla day we had a free humungos lunch. The food was cookies and a sausage sizzle.Our favourite game was dodge ball. At the end day we got tons of prizes handed out. ( Matthew, Keiran)


  1. hi. chloe here.

    WOW cool photos . I loved it there.


  2. hi room 2

    I wish i could be there looks so fun. Having
    good time here my friends happy I am back.
    missing everyone in room 2


  3. amazing photos that was fun maybe you should have not off gone back Sam it was fun because you get a lot off free food, sausages . It was funny meeting new people . My group was had 20 people per group. There were lots of activities to do.

    Matthew, Room2

  4. What I was really impressed about was the organization of event and Burnham Students taking the opportunity to try something new like the rowing machines. You all mixed well with other students from other schools. The food was awesome, as well.

    Finally, I would like to acknowledge my appreciation of the parents in helping us.
    Mr Thurlow