Monday, April 4, 2011

Harvey's new

Hi Room2,

I really miss you! We have just arrived in England we are staying at my Grandma's house in Plymouth. We came here from London by a fast train. We spent 1 night in a hotel in London by the River Thames. I am enjoying seeing and meeting up with the rest of my family. I'll blog again soon when I have more news.



  1. two people left a comment of what confirmation is it is under pledging mass hope you understand now!!!!

    killygarry 6th class

  2. Hi Harvey

    How fast was the train?

    Brodie, Jordan and Ethan

  3. HI Harvey

    Room 2 really misses you. What does the fast train look like? What are you doing in New Plymouth? What does your hotel look like? Was there any food on the train.

    From Lily, Sam, Chloe and Jonelle

  4. Hi harvey we miss you so much that we want you to come back here in christchurch .When are you coming back, Harvey?

  5. Hi Harvey we really miss you. I hope you are having a nice trip.

    Tim, Bella and Demi

  6. We are Kayla, Sophie and Evie . We miss you. We like the Big Ben. We hope you like your adventure.