Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brodie's Puppy

When I get home from school I play with my puppy because she is cute. Each morning when I awake my puppy is in my bed by my head. I don't know why, probably she misses me when I'm at school. She is left in the laundry while I'm at school because she is naughty. I only let her out when we are at home.

I have to fed her each night before tea or she moans at the door to tell me that I have forgotten to feed her.


  1. Cool puppy Brodie what is its name. And what Dog type is it. Bella room 2

  2. hi brodie

    I have a puppy it it is a foxy cross with a spaniel it is black it is small. And its name is
    Tilly it is four mounths old. Your story is awsome.
    from Sam

  3. hi brodie

    cool and cute puppy.I wish i could have a puppy like that one day.


  4. Hi i am Kayla. your puppy is cute i want to have her.

  5. Hi Brodie,

    The teacher in LZ6 has a dog called Marli. Marli come to school sometimes and has a school uniform. He visits us on Mufti days.

    LZ4 MHP

  6. Hi Brodie.Iam Evie.Your Puppy is so cute.