Friday, March 11, 2011

It All About Cinnamon(best guinea pig in the world)

I got Cinny for for my 7th Birthday. She eat, grass, popcorn, carrots, corn , hay and others.

When she looks fat she is cute. We think she is pregnant and due to have her babies soon.

We have friends called Fiona, Steve, Zoe, Sushanna, Daniel and Jesse. They have about 16 guinea pigs with names like sugar, Ginger and Fruit Salad.

Since Cinnamon is pregnant I'm not really allowed to hold her, so I don't hurt her babies. Her teeth are very big and she nibbles my finger. It does not hurt my finger. When you lick your finger and put it by her mouth she will lick it too.

We hope we only have girl babies because the boys will make more babies.

Our cat " Muffin" has been friendly to 'Chinny", however mum and dad are scared that muffin will eat Cinnamon.

I love cinnamon. She is the best guinea pig in the world.


  1. What a nice story about Cinnamon your guinea pig. I wish that I could meet her. You must be very excited about all the dear little baby guinea pigs that Cinnamon will have. Your story made me want to find out more and to know what happens after she has her babies. Good writing Lilly.

    Aunty Anne

  2. I enjoyed reading your story Lilly. I'm sure there will be more posts when the babies arrive!

    Mrs Yore and Middle Matters (Melbourne)

  3. Hi Lilly
    what a super post about your guinea pig Cinnamon. It is no wonder you think that Cinnamon is the best guinea pig in the world, she sounds like she is lots of fun.

    I hope that you will post some pictures of the baby guinea pigs when they are born.

    Miss Docherty and The Brilliant Bloggers

  4. I am very sorry that your ginny pig is not having a baby and she is dying by brodie turner