Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Great Kiwi Adventure

As a part of Room 2's Writing programme, the students have been asked to write a diary recount on different New Zealand's famous landmarks and tourist spots.  Here is Ivy's diary entry for Mt Cook.

Dear Diary

 I am on my way home from Mount Cook. My special is in ice covered and it is frozen. My eyes are really dry from the burning sun. I’m exhausted! My legs are so tired that I just want to go to sleep!

 Now let me tell you about my big adventure.
 It all started when my great, great Grandad. He was the first man to climb Mt Cook, so I thought I should keep tradition in the family.

 This big plane took Ramona and I to the base camp on Mt Cook. I started to climb at 2.ooam in the morning…

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