Monday, October 19, 2015

Samara conquers Mount Cook

As a part of Room 2's Writing programme, the students have been asked to write a diary recount on different New Zealand's famous landmarks and tourist spots. Here is Sarama's diary entry for Mt Cook.

Dear Diary

I am finally back home from Mt Cook and it has been a month since I have back.

Now I am going to tell you about Mount Cook.

I woke up on a Tuesday very early and started to climb on the steepest part of Mt Cook. I found base camp.

I put up a tent by myself. After that I got my pick axe and started to climb. I threw down my rope because I went to high!

I did reach the summit, and at the summit I had a beer and chocolate cake. I felt very proud standing at the summit.


  1. Had a beer LOL Just like her Daddy - Mum is the chocolate cake :-) awsome dairy entry Sammy x

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  3. Like your Dad, I would have to have a beer if I actually climbed Mt Cook. Not sure about the Chocolate Cake.

    Mr Thurlow