Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Magic Potion

This week a part the Room 2's writing programme, Room 2 completed an experiment " Dancing Worms". The writing component was that the experiment had to be written as a potion.  Here are some examples below:


My magical potion 

Today Room 2 completed a magic potion about dancing worms.

Firstly, we had a magical glass and added the spaghetti into our  magical glass. Next, we poured magic water with our spaghetti. After that we put a secret ingredient into our magical glass. Finally the last of the ingredients was vinegar and baking soda.

I knew it was going to explode, so we had to go outside. When Mr Thurlow poured the vinegar and the  baking soda into the potion. The potion exploded like a balloon popping. 

I wish it exploded bigger than it did.


This morning Room 2 did a magical potion called "Dancing worms".  Firstly we got our magical partners. Next, we got a glass and put magical cold water into the glass. After that we put a yellow liquid  into the potion that made potion look like a sunset.

Then we got spaghetti  and scrunch it up and put it into the glass. We put white dust and took it outside. We out vinegar in the potion. It exploded like a snow storm.

I wish it did a better explosion!

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