Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Maui and the Sun

Ivy retells the legend of Maui and the Sun

Once upon a time a long time ago Maui and his village were confused because Te ra, the sun was zooming through the blue sky to quickly.  So Maui said we need to stop this darkest that covers the sky.

His brothers agreed.  

They got together some flax and braided the flax into magical ropes.  They travelled through the night sky, so the sun would not see them.  They found very dry grounds with a huge pit with the shining sun, so they definitely knew that this was the place where the sun rose.  Maui said that his brothers needed to hide, so they made a wall out of rocks, Maui sent a signal. 

When the signal was sent Maui jumped on the sun’s face, when it rose.  His brothers tossed the magical ropes in the Te ra's flaming hair, and Maui smashed his grandfathers magic jaw bone right on the Te ra's face.  

Te ra got weak and slowed down when the he rose and travelled across the skyline.

That is why we enjoyed long sunny day in New Zealand.

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