Sunday, May 10, 2015

Not Just An Ordinary Teddy Bear

The students read a story about ANZAC bear and his history.

We decided to write our own adventures for a Not an Ordinary Teddy bear.

Two examples of work:

  • My ordinary teddy bear smells like roast potatoes. He looks like garbage. One day he went mountain climbing. When he got halfway he fell down. When he got to the bottom he broke his eye. He climbed up a tree and tried to find the sea because he wanted to go fishing but when he tried to climb down he fell and broke his leg. He crawled to a log and crawled inside but when he went out he hurt his arm. I love my ordinary cuddly teddy bear.

  • My ordinary teddy bear is skinny.  His fur is fluffy and ugly. He smells like stinky garbage and stinky old socks.  He also goes for adventures. His first adventure was going to see the waterfalls. But that was a bad idea because he got scared and he felt sick when he came back home.

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