Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Enemy from the Cat's point of View

Cameron: My enemy is very clever because it makes holes in the floors. It is really smelly and horrifying. He lives in the mat and wakes up at daytime. He runs fast like a jet plane. He has got big sharp claws and he gets rotten food.

Libby: My enemy is a horrifying little beast that steals my food and milk. It lives in a little hole behind the shower. I try to get him when he is asleep in his hole behind the shower. He has rotten cheese on his furry hair. He has black eyes and a wet little nose.

Samara: My enemy is hairy and he has sharp teeth with dirty grey fur. He makes holes in the walls and that makes me furious! He also steals my cheese.

Ivy: My enemy is a disgusting little creature, it runs around our bench like a gust of wind. His fur is moldy with brown strips. Tonight I'm going to get him! He steals all of our clean cheese. The creature is evil, he leaves footsteps in my bowl. I hate the little nasty beast. I’ll have him for dinner tonight!

Ramona: My enemy is creepy and scary and very stinky. He also steals my delicious food. He lives in this hole that I couldn’t fit in. He is a creature that sneaks around at night and in the morning. He looks terribly ugly and his face is disgusting.


  1. They are great from Sophie I remember my old yeah in room2