Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nicole's- Information Report About An Orchestra


A conductor helps people play instruments in an orchestra. An orchestra can get really loud when they play the instruments. The orchestra is split into groups strings, brass, woodwind and percussion.

One of the orchestra families is the string instruments. The string instruments are played by plucking or rubbing the strings. My favourite instruments are the double bass and the harp. 

Another family of instruments is called the percussion. You use your hands or sticks to hit percussion instruments, like a kettle  drums. Percussion instruments can be played really loud.

The flute is a part of the woodwind family. Woodwind instruments were made of wood but now they are made of metal.

Lastly, there is the brass family . The brass instruments are all made of metal. A brass instrument is a trombone.  A Trombone is a long brass instrument that can be played loud.

When these musical families are played together they make wonderful sounds.

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