Friday, September 26, 2014

The Monster Shop- Story

Room 2 read a children's book call " The Monster Shop" by - Julie Beech. We created our own Monster Shop story

I was walking home in the rain when I noticed a new shop next to the fish and chip shop. There was a strange sign on the door that said watch out for children and monster.

I walked in the shop. The shop looked like any other ordinary supermarket. There were ordinary people   with their  supermarket trolleys gathering their weekly groceries.

I knew that my mother wanted to get  some ice cream for dessert for dinner. I strolled down the frozen goods aisle and came to the ice cream freezer.

I open the lid of the freezer. I stuck my hand in to get my favourite ice cream ,vanilla.

SUDDENLY I screamed in fear! Something warm and slimy clenched my hand. I jumped back in fright, but had to have a look into the freezer.

I saw a monster with sixteen tentacles like a jelly fish . The monster had three heads shaped like apples. It hissed at me and spat ice into my face.

I raced to get security and explained what had occurred.

The security and I looked into the freezer where the creepy monster had appeared to me.

There wasn't just one monster in the freezer, there were a thousand of wriggle monsters peering back at us!

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