Monday, February 3, 2014

First Day Back For 2014.

We did our first shared Writing  for the year. We are trying to use our senses in our writing.

Awful Teacher

My first day at school didn't start well. I was sitting on the mat making gross burping noises. When Mr Thurlow came in yelling like a hungry bear.

Mr Thurlow had blood slobbering down his noise. The blood dripped on my hair and turned my hair into knots.

I could smell his old smelly socks that smelt like rotten fish.

All I wanted to do was to go straight home and have a sleep because I thought I was in a nightmare.

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  1. Hey there, Chris. How are you? It wasn't really nice for Mr. Thurlow to come in barging like that. I hope everything went well and you didn't encounter anything unfortunate. How's your studies by the way? If you're having a hard time with one subject, don't hesitate to ask for a tutor okay?

    Carol Levin