Wednesday, November 20, 2013

- Animals Invade Burnham School ( Shared Writing)

Yesterday was a busy day at Burnham School because a person from the local Selwyn district animal control unit came to speak about dog safety and how to care for a dog. That afternoon
we also had a Burnham School pet show.

Grant from the animal control explained how to approach a dog that you don't know. We learnt that we should make our hand into a fist (rock) and pat a dog under it's chest. However, his main message was if a dog is alone , leave it alone!!

The funniest  part was when Grant put a fake dog-poop on the hall floor. He discuss that if your dog poops that you always pick the poop up with a plastic bag and dispose of it, as its the owner's responsibility.

Later in the day, we had a pet day. There were a variety of interesting pets from a white horse to a tiny moth. One of the most unusual pets was a scruffy magpie. Also there were different breeds of dogs, some of them had a fight, while others sniffed each other.

Although the day was exhausting we were able to see a lot of interesting pets at school.

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