Monday, August 12, 2013

Māui and Makuika

As a part of our writing programme, we had to take a small part of the legend and retell in our ownwords.

Here is James’ interpretation of a part of the legend

Māui was almost to the entrance of the cave. He stopped and looked around. There was a deep creepy looking cave, Māui walked in.

Māui’s eyes were big as saucers , as he tried to guide himself in the dark. Suddenly he saw some fire and he knew it was Makuika. Makuika was an old and skinny lady. Her toenails and fingernails were made of fire.

Māui  said, I’m here for some fire for my village!!!”

Although the cave was smoky and dusty Māui could see the wrinkle on the old lady face tighten.

“I came here to borrow some of your fire fingernails”, demanded Māui in a madding voice....

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