Monday, March 4, 2013

Chinese Cultural performance- Shared Recount Writing

Burham School were lucky enough last Friday to watch a a classical music group from Sichuan province, an acrobatic troupe from Shanghai, as part of Christchurch Lantern festival and celebrating the year of the snake. The snake is the zodiac sign for 2013.

Last Friday all of Burnham school walked down to the Burnham Cinema  to watch a Chinese Curtural

The First the performance had some women playing some Chinese instruments including a flute made of bamboo. The strangest part was when the music sounded like a snake and a horse galloping.

Next, a troupe of acrobats came out using hula hoops. They could twirl and number of hoops at one time. Even one girl made enormous slinky with the hula hoops she was twirling.

After that , there was a magian who made flowers appear from a hat.

My favourite part was the magician as I tried to watch carefully in how he was performing the tricks but   I couldn’t work it out.

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