Monday, December 3, 2012

Burnham School Big Day Out at Spencer Park(Shared Writing)

Yesterday the whole entire school went on a big trip out to Spencer park. We all travelled in uncomfortable buses to the park. The ride was really bumpy because the roads had been damaged by the earthquakes. In the bus everyone chattered loudly so they could be heard.

When we arrived at Spencer Park we rumbled out of the bus. We put all our bags into a shady area. Then we sprinted to an incredible adventure playground. There were heaps of awesome equipment like flying foxes,  a spinning wheel and a spider web looking climbing frame.

Before lunch the school trotted down to the beach for a sand castle  competition. We were spit into teams. Each team used spades and buckets to design the winning sand castle. Most teams used shells, drift wood and seaweed to decorate their sand castles.

Later that day the juniors went to animal farms where there were fluffy chickens colourful peacocks and ugly Kune Kune pigs. We had to be careful where we stepped because of all the poo on the ground  that could  have got stuck on our shoes. Also there was weird sounds from a mystery peacock.

End of the day in the bus going home we were exhausted some of us slept on the bus. The most enjoyable part of the day was the animal farm because we could pat the animals.

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