Thursday, October 18, 2012

Levi- New Zealand's Strongest Man visit Burnham School

Strongest Man

After morning tea the whole of Burnham school went to the amphitheatre to listen to a special guest . While we were waiting we wondered who was the special guest was going to be.

Levi, the strongest man in New Zealand walked out of the staff room. The first thing we noticed
 was his incredible muscles, especially his arms that were like giant rocks. He also had  tattoos which had awesome patterns that came half way down his arms.

Levi told us about his childhood and life. He spoke about his sporting career, being a sumo wrestler and winning 6  New Zealand strongest man titles. Levi’s message to us was to follow our dreams and they will come true if you believe in yourself.

After he spoke, Levi allowed us to take photographs with him. He also posed with lots of us.

The most amazing thing he spoke about was that he could lift a tractor that weigh 9 tonnes. Hopefully we can follow our dream like Levi has followed his.


  1. Room 2 thath's good.jacob.h

  2. Levi look biger then he was on the commercal.