Monday, October 29, 2012

Can Lemons Float in Water- Experiment

(A)As a part of our water unit today Room 2 explored if lemons would float in water?

(B)Our second experiment is was to discover if a peeled lemon will float in water?


(A)The majority of the students believed that the lemon would float in a glass of water.

(B)The majority of the students assumed that the peeled lemon would sink to the bottom of the glass (except for Isaiah)

Our Observations:

(A) The lemon floated in the glass of water as predicted.

(B) The peeled lemon also floated in the glass of water yet wasn’t as buoy.

What we thought might happen.

Room 2 believes that a lemon’s skin is fill of air pockets. We weren’t so certain about the peeled lemon.

We tried our best to get rid of all the lemon skin and repeat the experiment again. We got the same results. The lemon only sank straight away when we separated the lemon into smaller slices.

All the lemon is filled with air pockets that enables the lemon to float in water.

Other Observation made: Is that the larger amount of the lemon floats underneath the water line like an iceberg.

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