Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shared Writing- Letter to the Minister of Education

This letter is a part of Room 2’s learning how to write a Formal Letter 
( Written during shared writing in Room 2 ).
The letter will be posted to the Minister

Dear Minister of Education,

We are students from Room 2 Burnham School. We are writing to tell you how extraordinary our school is.

We believe that the Government should remove Burnham School from the list of schools proposed to close in January 2015.

Room 2 would like inform you of the reasons why we believe that Burnham school should continue as a vibrant learning environment.

In our opinion Burnham school is a special school because we can make amazing friends easily. Our friends love learning and hanging out at  Burnham School.

Furthermore, Burnham school has incredible grounds where students can play sport, climb trees and even zoom around a fantastic bike track.

In addition, we feel extremely safe because there are teachers that care for us.

In conclusion, Room 2 suggest that the Government should consider keeping our extraordinary school open for current students and new students in the future.

Yours Sincerely

Room 2 and Mr Thurlow

Save Burnham School

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