Monday, August 13, 2012

Report about Masked Lapwings by Summer


  1. Dear Summer,

    What a fantastic report and blog. As you know, we have a Masked Lapwing (Plover) nest in our paddock at home and you certainly speak from experience when talking about the eggs and the "swooping" of the parents. Well done and keep up the great work. I will eagerly follow Room 2's blogs.

    All my love, Grandipa "Dean"

  2. Dear Summer, I am amazed at this technology. Your report was GREAT and very informative. As you know, we have a Masked Lapwing (Plover) in our paddock, with 4 eggs that we think are ready to hatch any day. You also have first hand experience of the "Swooping" and protective nature of the parents. Thank you and WELL DONE. I look forward to following Room 2 blogs.

    Grandipa "Dean"