Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where is Ben?

Hi there room 2. I am writing to you from Los Angeles in America, I am not in the Bay of Islands! I like it here in America, it is very hot here and we have to sleep with the air conditioning on every night. So far I have been to Disneyland and Sea World in San Diego. We have been on lots of rollercoasters and one went upside down. We have got very wet on lots of rides. I really liked the animals at Sea World, especially the whales and the polar bear. We are having so much fun. Is it cold back home? When my sisters went shopping I got a remote control digger. This week we are going to the zoo, back to Disneyland and Universal Studios (where the movies are made). We are also going to get a tour around Hollywood. I am missing school so much (hahaha not!)Bye for now, from Ben

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