Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jacob D's- Hanmer Springs Road Trip/ Holiday

I went to Hanmer Springs this week with my family. We went to the hot pools and the hydro slides were really fun. First I was scared of the hydro slide because I thought that I was going to go too fast and then when I tried it it was really fun. 

My daddy went with me and the lazy river was really cool and it was pulling me backwards. The water playground was really cool, when you push the bubble button the water comes out down the slides and goes everywhere and you can steer the gun far and closer to you and the shower entrance back and forwards

.We went to the shops and I got a slinky, my sister got a ball and daddy was looking at the books. I was really excited when I saw the signs about what you could do there. I thought I could do Bungy but I couldn't and we couldn't find it anyway. When we got to the pools, we needed a locker and we needed to get dressed in the boys toilets. Then after we finished, we had a fluffy with chocolate and two marshmallows and a whole bag of popcorn each. Then when we went home, the trip was a lot quicker than on the way there to Hanmer Springs. I got to play on my DS the whole way home.


P.S. we fed ducks at the pond.

By Jacob and Dad.

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