Thursday, April 26, 2012

Creative Writing- Gallipoli

Room 2 have been researching the Anzacs at Gallapoli.

We focused especially on the first Day at Gallapoli listening to veterans' own accounts and using a 3D resource called “ Gallapoli the First Day”.

This resource we used as starting point for creative writing exercise to image if we were there.

I remember when we landed at Gallipoli. I will never forget what happened.When we got to shore I smelt gun power. As I was half way to shore my mate got injured. I did not know what to do. It was a hard decision. First I helped my mate. Then  I got to cover with him....


I remember when we landed at Gallipoli. I will never forget when I jumped out of the boat. I was swimming to the shore. I smelt gun power and heard gun shots. 

I saw some people get shot next to me and some others that were badly injured. I was climbing up the hill and I fell down the steep hill and I got injured...


I remember when we landed at Gallipoli.  I will never forget when we jumped into the black water. The   problem  was when we jumped off the boat that we had heavy bags on our back....


 I remember when we landed at Gallipoli . I will never forget when my friend got shot in the boat and fell into the freezing water. I smelt smoke. When we got to the shore we got out of the boat but we couldn’t see the enemy.....


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