Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome- 2012

Kia Ora,

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays as I am. I am starting to look for some new exciting games to improve our blog. Here is logic game. The idea is to use thinking skills and logic to move the colour balls into their matching containers.

Here is the link Give me update how far you have gone. Remember enjoy the prime weather we are having first and play the game later.

Use thinking skills and logic to direct the colored balls to their matching containers


  1. Hello!
    Thank You for visiting our class blog, we were excited to get a message from you. We are very jealous that you are on your summer holidays at the moment, because it is cold and rainy here in England.

    We really enjoyed our Smarties investigation, and would love to talk to you about it when you start school in February.

    From The Jets

  2. Hi, thank you for visiting my class blog too. We are also in holidays (Winter Break) and celebrating Chinese New Year. Wish you all a great Year of Dragon!

    Linlin from Taiwan