Monday, November 7, 2011

Science Alive

On Wednesday Science Alive came to Room 2 to teach us about chemistry. First Julie read a mystery book to the class about science. The science was that we needed to find who stole the powder from Kate' s shop.

Then my group lit a fire in a ice cream box. We needed to put some safety glasses on and put some white powder in a little tray.

Finally, Julie set up a rocket to blast off in the classroom. When the rocket was fired it gave me a fright.

I thought Science Alive was awesome because I like chemistry.


  1. Wow! Your science activities sound really interesting as well as fun. My class loves science as well and we were very proud that we won a class award at the recent Science Fair.
    Keep up the good work. Nice to hear from you on our blog.

  2. Tau ke tino pai to mahi - awesome keep up the great work!

    Mr Clarke

  3. Well Done Zoe , great story. Keep up the great work