Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mission Impossible- For the 4th Term

After everyone returns back from holiday our focus will be on experiments that especially focus on Chemistry. I have created you a challenge that you may want to investigate before you return to school. Watch the movie and good luck!!!


  1. Thanks for your comment on our blog - we really enjoyed Rippa rugby and we are now in training for Athletics.

    Your challenge looks interesting. We will take a look at your blog after the holidays to see what you come up with.

  2. WOW - a sink that's even grimmer than our class sink! I hope you come up with some good solutions, because we could use some help on that front too! Which holidays are you on at present? We have a half term holiday coming up... half way between our summer holiday and our Christmas holiday. Is that what your break is too?

  3. I would use natural ingrediants like eucalyptus oil, baking soda, vinegar, lemon... Ms K