Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Best Things in Life Are Free- Family Day Out

The Kereru Reading group had to come up with 20 activities they could do for free with their family.

This Activity was loosely base on a book that they read about a mother who replies to her son about the unseen work she does and doesn’t get paid for!!! Early her son billed her mother for all his work around the house, so he can buy a toy.


  1. Hello MrThurlow and the Wonderful students of Room 2,
    Congratulations on your great Class Blog and on all the work you have been doing lately. I enjoyed your 20 suggestions for activities to do with your family which don't cost anything.
    I will show your Blog to my students in the Art Room at Taylors Lakes Primary in Melbourne Australia and encourage them to comment. I hope you like our Teddy Bears.
    Best Wishes from
    Mrs Osborn

  2. hi it,s ethan here that,s some gode idear,s those idear,s. whoed be hard for me to gese.