Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The rugby world cup

Up here in Waiouru we are researching on the rugby world cup. We each got to pick a country each and I got Samoa and so I am going to research on Samoa and I know that Apia is the capital city of Samoa. I hope everything at Burnham is okay.


  1. I wonder which rugby team did the Haka first...NZ or Samoa? What a great time you're all having before the world cup has started!
    What is the famous food dish in Samoa...actually what is the Kiwi special?

    Take care

    Mr E

  2. Room 2,
    What an exciting time for New Zealand-hosting the World Cup! How well are the All Blacks playing? Are the Aussies going to be a threat? Let's keep in touch.

    Seriously- it's a great honour to be hosting a World Cup. Enjoy!

    Marg and the Middle Matters