Thursday, September 15, 2011

On Friday the whole entire school went to Coes Ford. When we got there we were in groups I was in the white group. First we did flax weaving I made a angle fish out of Harakeke.At first I thought Harakeke was hard but when I got shown the weaving got easier. When we finished Harakeke, I was sad because I wasn't in my mum's group. So I asked Mr Thurlow if I could change into the gold group but I had to miss out on tree planting. I wanted to change groups, so I had to do weaving again and I made a flower. Next we went to the stream. I caught heaps of three tailed bugs. I enjoyed my day at Coes Ford I want to go back there again.

By Jordan room 2 burnham school NZ

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  1. awesome story!!! It is was good that you got to go with your mum. It would be sad if you didn't get to go with your mum. Ethan and by Demi.