Sunday, September 4, 2011

Never Give Up- Rugby Skills

Never Give Up- Rugby Skills from chris Thurlow on Vimeo.


  1. Looks like New Zealand is going 'even more' rugby crazy ... if that's possible! Nice to watch your skills guys... Who do you think you'll beat in the final?

    We go back to school tomorrow, to start a new year.

    Best wishes
    Mr E

  2. wow guys thers lots of cool skils that i want to try out.


  3. Ka Pai,

    I thought all of the Kereru spoke very clearly.
    You were able to identify the most important parts of the article and present back to everyone in an interesting way.

    Mr Thurlow

  4. Hi Room 2,
    Your rugby skills video is great - well done for presenting it so well. We are very excited about the RWC at our school and it looks like you are too! We are having a 'USA day' tomorrow to celebrate the team our class is supporting - are you doing anything special?
    Miss Baker and LZ6 at Mission Heights